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Promo Items Really Do Work: Promotional Products & Why Ad Agencies Use Them

The 2015 Statistical Summary of Promotional Items and their effectiveness in a campaign.

The infographic below shows what, how and why certain promotional items are worth the extra cost. With data collected from an eclectic group of ad agencies, marketing firms, and corporate advisors, it’s safe to say that physical promo products haven’t lost their effectiveness in today’s digital world.Effective Promo Items

With the leading promotional categories not being much of a surprise (Custom Apparel, Imprinted Pens, Branded Sporting Goods, Customized Leisure Products, and Decorated Travel Accessories), the statistics are surprisingly (even from a promotional consultant’s point of view)  HIGH when it comes to the effectiveness of using promo items!

Here at 2K Printing & Promotions we understand how to create the right piece of advertisement for you, your business or your client. With these kind of stats, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get custom quote and a giant head start on your next promotional endeavor and let us help guide you to the perfect promo item for your campaign.

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