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"Millennial Pink" Should This Viral Color Be a Part of Your Next Promo?

“Millennial Pink” Should This Viral Color Be a Part of Your Next Promo?

While Pantone usually dictates the most popular colors of the year, the latest color trend seems to have been crowd-sourced.

It seems that millennials are going crazy for a color subsequently dubbed “millennial pink.” This is not your mainstay pink swatch, however. It features tones of peach, blush and salmon, and consumers are flocking to it for everything from home goods to apparel.

Color trends are nothing new, but experts are surprised with how long this color trend has stuck around. According to New York Magazine, millennial pink started gaining steam in August, and it’s still going strong.

Drake millennial pink
Even Drake is getting in on the millennial pink trend. (Image via Instagram)

Millennial pink could be considered a permutation of one of Pantone’s Colors of the Year, Rose Quartz, but this pink seems to make a statement. New York Magazine suspects that it’s an attempt to turn the stereotypical pink connotations upside down. Because millennials are interested in disrupting gender norms, many speculate the pink trend has more to it than just aesthetics.

For promotional apparel suppliers and distributors, it might be time to think pink. However, according to various news sources, it’s not that easy to pin down exactly what this pink looks like. But, if you can create an accurate swatch of this elusive yet popular pink, you might garner a slew of millennial patrons.

Here’s some apparel examples to help you get started.

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