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Custom Apparel Printing: How To Place the Most Cost Efficient Custom T-Shirt Order

Tricks To Save Money On Custom T-Shirt Printing

You are looking at getting a custom t-shirt designed but not willing enough to pay a high price for the order. Well, keep your worries at bay. This article aims at guiding you on how to get your custom t-shirts designed without running out of budget. In brief, you are going to discover the difference between digital printing and screen printing as well as the cost hitched to both these printing types. So, here you go…

Colors In your design: It Matters Alot

If you are planning to place a small to mid-sized order, say around 24 to 72 custom t-shirts, then it would be cost efficient to have fewer colors in your t-shirt design. This will ensure that the set-up cost remains low and within your budget. The reason being is that each color in your design requires a screen to be setup. The more screens it takes to print your design, the higher the set up cost.

When it comes to screen printing, it’s printing cost is low but it’s setup charges depend upon how many colors you want to get in your design. If you are using single color, then the setup cost will be small and hence the shirt printing cost won’t be too much. But if you land up using multiple colors, then the setup cost will go high and the same in turn will hurt your wallet.

If you use numerous colors in the design to be printed, then it will enhance the screen print setup cost. For smaller orders with multiple colors it may be more cost efficient to have your design digitally printed on the t-shirts. The benefit here is that there is not a setup cost involved with digital printing which in turn will allow you to get unlimited colors used in the design. However, the cost per t-shirt print will go up when compared to that of screen print.

So, if you are planning to order about 36 or more t-shirts for printing, it is recommended to make sure that your design makes use of only one or two solid colors so as to save money in print cost. But if you are planning to make just a small order, say 24 shirts, then feel free to make a wild move and have numerous colors and gradients as per your desire on your design. This is because there is the option of having your t-shirts being printed digitally.

The T-shirt Color

Screen printing done on dark colored t-shirts generally costs more compared to that of light colored shirts. The reason is displaying ink colors at their utmost vibrance on garments of dark colors calls for an ink underlay. First, a white layer is printed which is followed by putting the true colors of your design over it. This process is known as a ‘Flash’ by most  screen printers. If your design calls for a digital print, a similar process is used, and the price will also reflect that.

The total number of shirts to be printed

Last but not the least, the printing cost you are going to bear is highly guided by the number of custom t-shirts you are getting printed. Printers offer discounts for print orders in bulk whereas print order of small size will cost you a little more.

Keeping these few factors in mind when going ahead with custom t-shirt printing will help you to save money!

If you have any questions or would like suggestions on how to handle your custom t-shirt printing order, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@2kprinting.com or call us at 908.547.5000 and a 2K sales rep will guide you through your options.

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