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A Custom Postcard is Economical and Effective!

A Custom Postcard: The Top 5 Reasons to Use One

There’s a Few Reasons a Custom Printed Postcard is Such a Popular Form of Print Advertisement…

… some of which are that a postcard …

• is easy to customize • is economical to print • is easy to mail • is detailed and colorful • and puts nothing between the recipient and the message (not even an envelope!) •

Postcards Can Also be Surprisingly Versatile,
Which is Why We are Listing Our Top 5 Postcard Uses:

1. Coupons

Whether you want to create a mailer to bring in new customers or looking for a way to reward the existing ones, a custom printed postcard with a coupon is a great method! A postcard is large enough that it will be eye-catching and versatile enough that the postcard can be printed with full color images of relevant products or with company branding.

2. Promotional Products

Postcards used as promotional products can multi-task by advertising and providing value. You may consider making the postcard “fun” by printing your message on one side and using the other side for something else. Use the back for something such as a visually pleasing image, a game, line art to be used as a coloring book or any other creative idea. The sky’s the limit! This is especially good for organizations that work with children, like charities, children’s hospitals, and schools. These ideas can, however, apply to any industry.

3. Direct Mail

Do you have a sale coming up? A new location opening soon? Postcards are perfect for your next direct mail campaign. Not only are they economical to mail, they show off your products or marketing message in full color and high detail!

4. Greeting or Thank You Cards

While announcements are a traditional way of sending seasonal greetings, postcards can be a fun and informal way for you to send holiday greetings to everyone on your list. If you want a creative “thank you” for your clients, a postcard printed with a “handwritten” message, is a great way to get the message across. You should also consider sending these messages after clients’ first orders, during a customer appreciation event, or at the end of the year. If you want to make your postcard “special,” there are countless combinations of different options to do so. Using different card stocks, postcard sizes, edge colors, coatings, shapes, finishes, and print methods you can easily perfect your project!

5. Souvenirs

Whether for sale in the gift shop or given away as a bonus after paid tours, postcards are a classic souvenir for travelers. A custom printed postcard can make an excellent addition to a wide variety of businesses, especially in the hospitality industry. If you’re promoting a vacation destination like a tour guide company, for example, a postcard is a great way to build their enthusiasm and even promote your business to the recipients.

If you need a cost effective way of achieving one of the above, or anything else you may want to use them for, custom postcards from 2K Printing & Promotions are sure to get the job done!

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