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A Comprehensive guide to paper weight, stock, thickness, or whatever the supplier wants to call it!


Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a universal measurement system when it comes to Paper and other Printable Stock’s Thickness?!

We do, which is why we put together this handy resource to help you (and us) clearly understand the difference in the various printable stocks in the custom printing world.

The downloadable .PDF document below goes over the precise information you need to know to discern a piece of 80# Gloss Cover sheet of paper from a piece of 16 pt. dull/matt stock.

Also included are details on exactly what different finishes or coatings entail, the difference between text, cover, uncoated, and other “add-on” elements are, and the meaning behind vague and seemingly senseless code names such as C1S.


With this easy to read guide you will be knowledgeable about the above terms among many others and equipped to make the best decision on your next custom printed advertisement or marketing materials by using the highest quality & most cost effective stocks for you and your brand!

Click the link below to download, save, or print this valuable resource for the next time you need to know what an 100# sheet of glossy text stock is like compared to 12pt uncoated paper. 

The 2K Printing Guide To Paper Stock, Weight, Finish, & More!



To cover EVERYTHING in the custom printing business would take years, so there are bound to be unanswered questions in here. NOT A PROBLEM!

Contact us by phone, email, live chat, or by clicking HERE and a customer service rep will be happy to help you with any question you could have regarding all things printing.




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